dinsdag 18 augustus 2015

IDN - Smart Waste Management

Welcome to this blog about waste management in Indonesia.

The blog is ment to share and discuss possible application of the concept "Waste Recycling Ship", in Indonesia.

We welcome everybody interested, to add ideas, questions or remarks concerning this concept. Please do not hesitate to express yourself using this blog.

Please introduce yourself briefly at the "partners" tab of this blog, before posting any messages.

First focus is to collect Letters Of Interest (LOI), signed by the right parties. LOI are important to gain support to execute a feasibility study. (step 1)

Three NGO parties already did so;

1. Mareike Huhn (Sea Ventures, Banda)
2. Nina van Toulon (Founder Eco Flores)
3. Leo de Zeeuw (Founder SDSP, Papua Barat)

Best regards,
Kees Lafeber